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  • Why we don't run with the masses or the bulls

    Dec 04, 2015

    If you are reading this you are likely drowning in a 'promotions' inbox so chalk full of worthless deals (Retail prices are inflated 3 quarters of the year so the deal looks like a deal come December...genius) of the corporate 4th quarter, i.e. Blackout Friday Deals, Cyber-Some Day of the week deals, etc.  Since when do average people live their lives in corporate and IRS driven quarters? It is insane to me that so many people rather spend their holiday extended weekend fulfilling this perpetual marketing gimmick by shopping online or heaven forbid, at a mall.  If you enjoy malls,...

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  • October Newsletter: New lentil soup mix + New meatloaf mix + THE gobbler motel

    Nov 08, 2015

    First off I need to forgive our loyal market patrons of the Duvall and Ballard Farmers' Markets.  Your lips and your intestines will hopefully forgive our folly.  So last week there was a bit of a snafu in the kitchen, a mix-up one could say.  One of my wonderful suppliers sent us the incorrect ingredient for our brand new Chipotle + Sage meatloaf which I am now referring to as a 'Meatloaf Experience Project' those from Seattle and Paul Allen (an avid reader of this Newsletter) will appreciate this choice.  If you received one of these fireball meatloaf mixes on...

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  • When 'Bone Broth' was simply know as 'Stock'

    Jan 28, 2015

      It has been brought to my attention recently that something close to me and something in the social networking world is trending.  That something is slow-simmered animal bones.  HOly...Slap Bap FL@m Slug...Batman.  I never thought the next new trend could ever possibly be this, animal bones, grose and wait...too easy, there has to be more to it, there is, so read on. They are calling it 'Bone Broth.'  Some call it 'Jewish Penicillin,' the Washington Post is calling it 'Kobe Bryant's secret Stone Age weapon,' my Grandma and your Grandma called it 'stock.' So why do I care and...

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  • Back To School: Easy Meal Ideas from the T + S Kitchen

    Sep 06, 2013

         Parents, it’s that time again. The time when the air gets a little cooler, the skies a little greyer, the schedule a little busier, and the meals a little harder to plan. Yes, it is back to school time, but have no fear, Thyme and Season is here to help make at least dinner time a little easier to prepare.  Stop by the Thyme and Season booth at a Farmer’s Market near you to sample one of the many ideas that are perfect for lunch or dinner during the school year.      Pick up a package of Bean Cassoulet...

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  • Introducing the newest Member of the Thyme + Season Family

    Sep 01, 2013

    Hello Soup Lovers and Dip Connoisseurs, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself; Sarah Paulson. I am the sister of Kaitlin Charlson and sister-in-law of Garrett Charlson, and am proud to announce that I will be the newest addition to Thyme and Season. I will be the Media Guru, writing blog posts about some pretty interesting topics as well as commenting and posting on Facebook to keep you all informed on the happenings with this amazing family business. I hope you all enjoy what I have to say and I look forward to reading your comments. ~Thanks.  ...

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