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  • When 'Bone Broth' was simply know as 'Stock'


    It has been brought to my attention recently that something close to me and something in the social networking world is trending.  That something is slow-simmered animal bones.  HOly...Slap Bap FL@m Slug...Batman.  I never thought the next new trend could ever possibly be this, animal bones, grose and wait...too easy, there has to be more to it, there is, so read on. They are calling it 'Bone Broth.'  Some call it 'Jewish Penicillin,' the Washington Post is calling it 'Kobe Bryant's secret Stone Age weapon,' my Grandma and your Grandma called it 'stock.'

    So why do I care and why should you.   Well for centuries (literally), this well known 'nutritionally dense' food has been used to treat the uncommon cold, to eradicate evil spirits, to increase a males potential dowry transfer, as the base for witches brew, more recently as the secret behind Kobe's jump shot and now as the backbone (no pun there) for boutique restaurants popping up around New York city and soon in a city near you.

    My Life without 'Stock': A Short Story

    As a child growing up during the 1990's, in a stock-free environment,  I always wondered why I always felt like something was missing from my life.  I tried sports, I tried music, I tried making mac n' cheese, but was never satisfied.  Every morning I weakly stumbled down the stairs, one eye open, moving like a sloth with one leg, cape draped behind me.  I always made my way to the pantry and slid the oak veneer bi-fold doors open with a slow and methodical draw of the brass pull.  Typically I would reach for a pop-tart, strawberry with sprinkles and white frosting, this was the only thing on my mind.  It was ever-present, right there in front of me, why didn't I open my eyes, why didn't I see that something right in front of me was the ticket to discovering my true happiness.

    Many years passed and the pantry door got squeakier and my dissatisfaction with life only increased, I was on a perilless journey to nowhere.  I was weak, frail and generally malnourished.  Then on a cold winter's day, when it seemed like the common cold was finally going to get me, it was there, a light was shining from underneath the pantry door in the kitchen.  I thought this was really strange, no light had ever come from under that door, no light had ever come from anywhere in my depressed, downtrodden and feeble mind.  I grabbed my tattered childhood blanket and 'bunky bear,' my only stuffed friend, and I drug them across the cold linoleum floor until I reached the precipice of the kitchen, the light from under the door pulling me in like a spider winds up its prey.  I dropped my friends, grabbed the brass pull and slowly slid the door open until it lightly sprung off the left hand door frame and came to a rest.  On the floor was a book. 

    I opened the book.  I saw it.  I found it, this was the key, not the key that came in the Lucky Charms box, this was the key to my future well being and the cure to my fragility.  The book opened itself, to page 2, the page was titled 'Basic Stock Essentials' and taped to this page was a yellowing 3 x 5 card that said," Grandma's Stock."  No this can't be, is this the answer, I questioned out loud.  I looked around the room, nobody was watching, the light had dissipated and I was alone.  I quickly tore the card from the book, slammed it shut and slid the book past the moth balls and un-sprung mouse trap and to the back of the pantry.

    I quickly ran to my room and hid the card in my 3-ring binder titled "Sweet Baseball Cards."  It stayed there, for days, weeks, months and years.  Sometime around the year 1999, I got sick, really sick.  I had actually been sick for years but this time I thought the common cold was really going to get me.  I rung the bell.  My mom came.  I told her I had a secret.  I told her to grab my book, she knew the one.  She handed it to me and I used every ounce of strength left in my quivering fingers to extract the card from the sleeve on the last page.  I handed it to her.  She started to cry.  I asked her why she was crying, and she couldn't speak.  I knew why, but I didn't speak.

    Many years passed and I thought more and more about that card.  I knew the world needed to know about it.  I often thought,"one day I will get my chance, to show the world."  That chance is now.

    My Life with 'Stock' : "Grandma's Stock" Recipe

    The edges of the original 3 x 5 card are soft and the #2 pencil has faded but the essence of my Grandma and her stock are still very present.

    The recipe, from the card hand scribed by Grandma, sorry for the lengthiness:

    You will need:

    2 to 3 medium sized bones (cut by your butcher, beef or pork preferred), marrow visible

    10 to 12 cups of water

    1 large pot


    Place bones in pot, cover with water, simmer for 12 to 24 hours on low.

    Closing Thoughts:

    Now you hold the key to your youthfulness, well-being, and general happiness.  Make it often, enjoy it with others and feel free to use it as the base for a Thyme + Season soup but don't get mad at me if your jump shot doesn't improve or if your house smells like a cemetery.  If you are a vegetarian.  Ignore this trend.  All trends will pass.

    *Note: The facts in the above story are not facts, only fiction.  The recipe will actually work, it is that easy.

    From the Thyme + Season kitchen

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    • Alison says...

      As a Vegetarian, I appreciate your recognition that Homo Erectus as Omnivore is simply a trend. (Sure, it’s a LONG trend…. realllllyyyy long.)

      I’ve been making a similar concoction to suit my vegetable murdering tendencies

      • All the bits you cut off the veggies you cook.
      • Water
      • Slow Cooker

      Cover with water, slow-cook on low for 10 hours. Strain and add to your favorite dishes.

      On February 07, 2015

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