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  • October Newsletter: New lentil soup mix + New meatloaf mix + THE gobbler motel

    First off I need to forgive our loyal market patrons of the Duvall and Ballard Farmers' Markets.  Your lips and your intestines will hopefully forgive our folly.  So last week there was a bit of a snafu in the kitchen, a mix-up one could say.  One of my wonderful suppliers sent us the incorrect ingredient for our brand new Chipotle + Sage meatloaf which I am now referring to as a 'Meatloaf Experience Project' those from Seattle and Paul Allen (an avid reader of this Newsletter) will appreciate this choice.  If you received one of these fireball meatloaf mixes on 10/16 in Duvall or 10/18 in Ballard please drop me an email and I will send you a replacement/s, it's on the house.  Those who received it beforehand, no need to worry, those were all correctly seasoned.

    The new Meatloaf Experience Project has been a 6-month long creative process in the Thyme + Season kitchen which involved thorough and rigorous testing of said product on my Scandinavian, spice-intolerant family and kitchen staff.  The goal was to create a meatloaf experience rich and just on the edge of too spicy (Attempting to prevent this reaction: Where's the cow utter my mouth is on fire?) for a Scandinavian.  We succeeded.


    Well, we thought we did.  Of course there are always kinks to work out with any new addition in the kitchen but I was horrified when I discovered the snafu, i.e. 2 Tablespoons of Crushed red pepper flake which was supposed to be 2 Tablespoons of Diced Red Bell Pepper , the latter of which is extremely mild with no heat, it is really in the mix for color and not much else.  Just for posterity sake I made up a batch of the fire meatloaf to test on our staff last week, my lips are still burning.  This would be the equivalent of going to your favorite pizza joint blindfolded and while shaking the crushed red pepper onto your pizza (for a little extra heat), the lid catapulted itself off of the shaker and you doused your pizza in a thin crust of flake, then proceeded to eat it like every other time you had eaten pizza blindfolded.

    Now that we have this all sorted out you can order your Chipotle + Sage meatloaf experience at our shop.

    JUST SO ALL IS CLEAR: THE Chipotle + Sage



    New Addition: Farro + French Lentil Soup

    Fresh off the farm, our brand new  Farro + French Lentil Soup, it is an amazing Thai inspired soup that features 100% organic Methow Valley Emmer Farro, French 'le Puy' lentils and a great blend of organic herbs and spices, it is a hit in our house and kitchen and without too much effort should be in yours as well. 



    The idea behind this soup and every soup we make here is to provide a high quality organic base that is easy to prepare, highly nutritious, something Grandma Ella Mae would approve of and always using the best ingredients the Northwest has to offer. 

    For the new soup I started with an easy slogan: Easy.  Second, I had discovered Organic Emmer Farro several years ago in a salad recipe and I knew this grain had to be the base for our new soup.  This is an Ancient Grain grown in the Methow Valley of Eastern Washington.  Emmer (an ancient hulled wheat) dates back some ten thousand years to the fertile crescent of the middle east.  I thought if it was good enough for early civilization that survived scurvy and the black plague than it is good enough for our kitchen.  Although the same could be said for all sorts of awful foods like haggis. 

    Lastly, I love lentils, they are nutritionally dense, high in protein, fiber, iron, the list goes on.  So I knew a few new lentils were in order.  I discovered the French 'le Puy' lentils from a Northwest farm and was hooked.  Their peppery notes, amazing verdant green and black marbling that would make a Sultan envious and their ability to hold their shape when cooked.  After some tedious testing with a few new herbs and spices and a few dozen test batches and tastings, the Scandinavians were happy and impressed, which is hard to do with a people whose only known love affair is casserole.

    As always, we include our favorite recipe iteration on the packaging that calls for stock, water, carrot, onion and kale, pictured below.  Of course this is just a starting point and it can be dressed and redressed in a myriad of fashions.

    Farro and Lentil Recipe Card

    My Laugh of the Month: The Gobbler Motel

    Now on to the meat and potatoes of this newsletter.  Everything above holds no candle to what I am about to share.  Be sure to put on your Adult depends, pour a glass of Franzia, and put the kids to bed.


    Thanks to my wife's Uncle Jimmy we will now share a laugh.  He has become an avid reader of the Thyme + Season Newsletter and even prints it off weekly so Kaitlin's Grandma can don her readers and get it on the fun.

    So supposedly there is some guy in the Midwest who writes in a similar style to myself and Sir Jimmy (He has been Knighted by his mother) thought he would share this man's work with me.  I am pleased he did.  I laughed so hard while browsing this link and the aforementioned Gobbler Motel (Your next road-trip destination for sure), that I peed the couch, something that hasn't been done in our house for months, when my wife was pregnant.


    The Link: http://lileks.com/institute/motel/index.html


    If you don't think this is very funny email me and I will set up a trip for us to go visit it in person together some day.

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