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  • Our Launch Party 12 . 3 . 12

    Greeted at the door by the sign we built for our wedding 2 years ago - repurpose award

    Sorry it has taken us so long to post but we have been playing catch up since our amazing event on Monday night. First off I want to thank our hosts Capri Cellars for allowing us to take over their amazing space for the evening, Michele (Owner) and Peter (Store Manager) choose some very complementary wine parings and were swell hosts for our night on the town.

    Before I get too far ahead of myself I want to thank my selfless helpers who worked in the kitchen all day to make this happen, you know who you are, without their elf-like dexterity we would have never made 600 appetizers and 6 pots of simmering soup in 5 hours. I will pay for your one way ticket back to Issaquah anytime you want to leave the pole, I do understand you are likely very busy right now.

    Many of our attendees asked me to post the menu and recipes here on the website so let's start with the menu today and this weekend I will post the recipes for the appetizers and the soups.

    Had alot of fun making the menu... food + wine

    Enlarge me to see the menu.

    Enlarge me too.

    There were some 200 of you in attendence, so thanks for such a great showing. There were alot of old familiar faces but also many new faces which was a delight to see. Here are some shots of the bee hive like activity and a few guests of honor as well.

    Guests of honor John and Ella Mae Durkee - My Grandparents and original owners.

    Kaitlin greeting guests   



    Mike sharing recycling tips and stories about his dog.

    I want to share a few words about the guests of honor John (Just had his 87th day of youth celebration) and Ella Mae Durkee. These are my Grandparents and they are the original owners of this company dating back to when it was Sugarplum Fancies. They have been a significant part of our success and clearly without them and their wit, grit and humble sense of humor this comany would not be where it is at today. Between their 160 some odd years of knowledge there is alot I could write about them so I will dedicate an entire post to them in the coming months and will include a handful of the 10,000 available one-liner jokes by John and his list of "Top 10 ways to fight the withdrawls caused by shortages of meatloaf mix."

    Now to flip this pancake over...the back end of things went relatively smoothly being that it was our first large event. I could dedicate an entire post to this but that will have to wait for another time, I learned alot from this event. The catering equipment I had recently purchased worked perfectly and the only hiccups were a few cold soups to start the night (Solved that problem with good ole' Ceran wrap) and one broken wine glass, sorry Michele. Our servers Brandi and Ashley made my life much easier and from what I heard were keeping everyone well fed with large trays of dates, meatballs and lettuce wraps.

    Turkey and pork meatballs with sage pesto...yum.

    There were a few highlights of the evening that I want to share. The wine, well what's not to love about wine, and moreso what's not to love about wine paired with food. The Tati Barbera (2010) was the hit of the night, so if you find yourself in need of a nice bottle to pair with our bean cassoulet soup or another dish this holiday I think this is a good choice and Capri will likely be restocking this wine very soon if not already, please contact them for more info. The people, we had many friends and family who attended this event and came out to support our launch, I want to thank you again for your continued support and desire for food + wine. The food, we put together some new appetizers for this event and I think they were well received, everything we sent out quickly disappeared, if you find yourself craving those dates or meatballs check back this weekend for the recipes associated with those delicious eats.

    Well I need to sign off here as I have product to prepare in the T + S kitchen.


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