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Kaitlin and Garrett (and new addition, see pic below) are the counterparts of Thyme and Season, your Northwest Soup and Seasoning purveyors.

At Thyme and Season we work diligently to source local and organic ingredients to produce what we like to call 'additions to your kitchen.'  We give you a neatly packaged and complete kit to use as a base to create original meals for yourself, and your friends and family. We also work hard to thoughtful of others and the environment in our decisions then that is what makes this all worth while, this is our mission, good food + a sustainable environment for now and the next seven generations. 

These are the places we are working to sustain for our children.

Some History:

Thyme and Season has deeper roots than just those of twenty-somethings (now 30-somethings) from greater Seattle, it is a family business and one that was sprouted by Garrett's Grandmother, Ella Mae. Thyme and Season actually began life as Sugar Plum Fancies in Richmond B.C. circa 1993. Every good band changes its name at least once, right? Sugar Plum was a culmination of Ella Mae's life spent as a mother of four, an avid cook, teacher of music and all things food. Ella Mae was raised on a farm in Yakima, WA and from an early age Ella Mae was tasked with being the creator in the kitchen.

In the early years Sugarplum Fancies was producing thousands of pint jars of jam, jelly and syrup (hence the sugar based and whimsical name) but as demand for her sweet goods flourished so did the demand for some of the other products that had been in the development stages. The Bean Cassoulet soup mix was the first product released, followed by many more throughout the years.

One of our favorite stories about Grandma Ella Mae is one about her pickles. She is very well known for her "killer diller" pickles and during the 1990's she smuggled many jars of these sweet delicacies across the Canadian border and sold them on the black market to the other vendors at the holiday shows and bake sales in Washington. The reason for the smuggling is that she was never certified to produce pickles (it is a complex process) and therefore her only option was to sell the pints under the table. We think that her and the pickles were too sweet to ever get caught.

After many years of sharing her love of food it was time for the business to find a new home, and this is where Kaitlin and Garrett stepped into the picture.

Kaitlin and Garrett with Grandparent's John and Ella Mae at their wedding in 2010

Our Story:

In late 2008 we had heard that Ella Mae was going to be selling the business and that there was interest from parties outside of the family. At the time Garrett was working full time as an architect and Kaitlin was a commercial property manager in Seattle.  At that time we had nor the time or the resources to acquire, maintain and grow a business in an industry we were only vaguely familiar with (Although we were both very fond of cooking and eating). Kaitlin and Garrett, who were only dating at the time discussed the possibility of taking over the family business but knew we did not have the time to take it on.

In steps the recession and Garrett's hours are cut back to 4 days per week. We now had some "extra time" available to us. We had many discussions and we felt really good about the decision we were going to make. In April of 2009 we called Grandma to let her know she could take the business off the market. Construction on the commercial kitchen commenced in July and by September we had built out our processing kitchen, gone through the permitting process and moved Sugar Plum Fancies to its new home on Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, WA.

On a side note, all of this went on under the radar of Garrett's architecture employer at the time, whom was shocked (but supportive) when they found out about their little business venture at Kaitlin and Garrett's wedding nearly a year after the kitchen had been built.  At the wedding Kaitlin's Father divulged to all in attendance the story about the business...and the kitchen construction...and about Kaitlin and Garrett burning the midnight oil for over a year to take over the business. Keeping his employers in the dark seemed like the right thing to do at the time and it turned out to work out just fine.

We spent the better part of 2012 and early 2013 giving Sugar Plum Fancies a much needed makeover and are happily sharing the new Thyme and Season with you today.

When not working in the kitchen or the local markets Kaitlin and I are busy raising our newest addition whom arrived in July of 2015. You will often find us hiking, snow shoeing, riding bikes, gardening (we have a sweet 600 sq. ft. vegetable garden), traveling and loving life. We were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and feel more at home every day we live here.

Kaitlin + Garrett

 The latest addition to our family

The latest 'addition' to our family