Why buy from us


Ingredients that don’t compromise earth, ground water and health.  We only use the best organic ingredients available in the Northwest.


Of course we don’t use GMO’s.  Rest assured that all of our ingredients do not contain GMO’s.  We are strong advocates of GMO labeling to ensure you know what goes into your food and your body, it should be a right.  We are not 3rd party certified but have non-GMO certificates from all of our suppliers.


We do not 3rd party test our ingredients at this time but we do have many gluten-free options.   Lentils, beans, brown rice, herbs and spices are all naturally gluten-free.

No Preservatives

We never use anything to preserve shelf life, are ingredients are always fresh.  Just good ole’ herbs, spices, beans, grains and lentils.

Small-batch ensures fresh ingredients

By preparing our artisan soups and mixes in small batches we ensure consistency and our quick turnover of ingredients ensures our ingredients are always fresh.

Partner with Small Family Farms

We partner with Northwest Farms, to ensure our local farmers have an avenue to sell their amazing harvest and to get the freshest ingredients possible.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

By purchasing locally grown ingredients we cut down on unnecessary transport costs and contribute to a healthy, vibrant and sustainable food network.

Sustainable Packaging

First we start with a small footprint without unnecessary boxes and resealable devices.  Our labels are printed on FSC certified paper, our inks our linseed oil based therefore biodegradable and eco-friendly.